"Personalized service makes us feel like special people"

(S. Godin)

Legal Support Services (FAC Legal Group)

Never before in the third millennium, despite the opportunities provided by technology, the individual feels alone: a simple number among billions of other numbers.

That's why FAC Legal Group represents an absolute innovation in the world of professional assistance to individuals and companies.

Our mission is to offer a complete and, above all, personalized service model on the customer's needs, which isn't consider an additional case number but one real case with emotion and personality.

Thus, the private customer can find advice and assistance in all fields of law, with the possibility of using highly specialized technicians, who will support our lawyers with their advice.

Companies will be able, among other things, to take advantage of the services of lawyers specialized in business law, not only in the contractual and labor law field but also in the criminal and tax fields, sectors that are constantly evolving.

Our consultants will also provide companies with their support in all those collateral and ancillary activities, which have now become indispensable to keep up with the times and with the regulatory evolution in this field.

Take, for example, corporate compliance services, corporate administrative responsibility, and organizational models ex legislative decree 231/01 or Swiss adaptation to LPD, anti-corruption, administrative transparency, protection of personal data, cybersecurity, information and communication technology, etc...

But we are also much more because FAC Legal Group is constantly evolving, just like our world!

Digital Tranformation (FAC Digital Group)

Business Model Evolution  

New technologies, new purchasing and consumption trends, and ever-changing context conditions make the competitive scenario uncertain and volatile.

To be the protagonists of their future, companies must constantly adapt how they capture, create, and distribute value to their customers.

That's why FAC Digital Group helps you understand the impacts that technological changes, macro-trends, and discontinuous events can cause in your business so that you can continue to ensure your Stakeholders achieve their strategic and financial goals.

Business Model Generation

We identify growth opportunities and who your competitors are, analyze your weaknesses, develop new revenue models and new sources of income, including your company's pricing strategy.

Business Model Delivery

We help you implement, prioritize, and plan transformation projects that help you achieve your company's medium- and long-term business goals. 

Reducing fixed business costs (FAC Governance Group)


It is our most requested product. It allows you to immediately lower your business costs in managing dedicated resources and the necessary continuous training.

Our audit inspections are free from possible internal or external interference and preserve your delicate professional relationships in the company, thus ensuring your human capital integrity and the working climate.

Audits can be carried out at 360" either in IT, corporate governance or Forensic or simply internal audits ordered by the Management or the Board of Directors, but also on your external suppliers (Second Party audit).

Speed of execution added at highly affordable prices cannot that the winner message for your management.

The activities comply with FINMA circ. 13/3 Audit activities (ed. 4.11.2020) and with professional qualifications KHC Certified (ISO/IEC 17024) with an application of ISO/IEC 17021/ 19011 standards.

Video of Internal Audit Outsourcing by Frazier & Deeter 

Executive Consulting 

Going to detail the benefits of outsourcing to your business would be long and tedious. Contact us directly, and at no cost, we will make a first evaluation proposal.

It would help if you focused on working ON THE COMPANY and not IN THE COMPANY, then you can find time again to identify new opportunities and develop new strategies.

List of services:

  • Organization and management of companies
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Business plans for start-ups and existing companies
  • Accounting, administrative and organizational advice
  • Budget analysis
  • Presentation of annual accounts (budget, income statement and Annex)
  • Consolidated accounts
  • Annual and intermediate closures
  • Keeping accounts
  • Accounting organization
  • Accounting, administrative and organizational advice
  • Organization and management of companies
  • Human resources administration
  • Inheritance division, research, and economic studies
  • Judicial, administrative, or accounting reports
  • Corporate evaluation and corporate due diligence
  • Corporate legal advice
  • Formation, mergers, divisions, transformations, restructuring and liquidation of companies
  • Obtaining permits
  • Contracts
  • Management of social security contributions
  • Payroll and statement set-up 

ISO Certification (ISO/IEC)

In a complex market, a Certified Management System improves one's products/services.

It is essential to achieve business objectives while avoiding risks. It becomes a real competitive advantage because it adds value and reliability to suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and customers.

ISO Certification ottenibili presso di noi

Download ISO Strategy 2030 brochure "by clicking HERE" - you will realize how important it is for your business to be ISO certified. Many Clients increased their turnover by 27% from 2017 to 2019 - Source DELOITTE Insight 2019.)

Social Responsibility and SDGs (the best Swiss product ISO 26000)

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ISO has thousands of standards that help the user contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals, covering everything from sustainable communities and quality management to safety and measuring greenhouse gases. Almost any activity can be described in an ISO standard if relevant stakeholders meet and work towards a consensus. One of the overarching standards directed at helping businesses and organizations contribute to sustainable development is ISO 26000, Guidance on social responsibility. Developed with the consensus of more than 450 experts from 99 countries and 42 international liaison organizations, it is the repository of good practice and expertise from industry, government, labor organizations, non-governmental organizations and consumers. ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to sustainable development while taking into account the expectations of stakeholders, applicable laws and international norms of behavior. How much an organization contributes to sustainable development and its impacts on society and the environment is known as "social responsibility" and is becoming a critical measure of performance.

ISO 27001 - ISMS

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The internationally recognized standard ISO 27001 covers the information security management in organizations. Standard ISO 27001 defines requirements for information security managements systems in the company. The main aim is to ensure protection of data and information to avoid their loss or theft. This helps to reduce the risk of information leakage and it also improves credibility of the company. The certification for ISO 27001 is recommended to all companies irrespective of their size or sector that process their data by information technology.

ISO 9001:2015 for Small Enterprises What to do?

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Small business is the world's biggest business. More than 95% of the world's enterprises are small to medium sized and many countries look to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to power economic growth and employment. Therefore, International Standards need to assist SMEs just as much as they do global enterprises, government and society at large. In particular, SMEs should be able to share in the gains in efficiency and effectiveness offered by ISO 9001. ISO 9001, which gives requirements for quality management systems, is among ISO's most well-known and widely implemented International Standards. It is used in some 183 countries by enterprises both large and small, in public and private sectors, by manufacturers and service providers, in all sectors of activity, to achieve objectives such as the following: • Establishing a framework for continual improvement and customer satisfaction • Providing assurance about quality in external provider (supplier)-customer relationships • Harmonizing quality requirements in sectors and areas of activity • Qualifying external providers in global supply chains • Providing technical support for regulators • Giving organizations in developing countries and transition economies a framework for participating in global supply chains, export trade and business process outsourcing • Assisting in the economic progress of developing countries and transition economies • Transferring good managerial practice • Encouraging the rise of services.

ISO 22301 Business ContinuIty

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Business-related risks or some unforeseeable events, for example of environmental nature, can seriously disrupt activities in the whole organization. The international standard ISO 22301 helps to ensure the continuity of your business and to improve resilience of your company against unforeseen events. Standard ISO 22301 specifies management requirements with the aim to avoid or prevent emergency situations or provide an immediate response in order to eliminate business disruption and ensure fast recovery. The certification for ISO 22301 is recommended to all companies regardless of their size or sector, seeking to ensure smooth operation of the company even in unforeseeable circumstances.

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