About us


FabioAglianiConsulting AG is a Swiss consulting firm, which since 2018 has been alongside companies to support their growth and affirmation in global markets.

Our professionals are constantly working with the customer to implement business processes that allow continuous and integrated security and risk governance control.

The face of success, FabioAglianiConsulting AG, became a group in 2020, collaborating strictly with leading Swiss and Italian institutional players in the legal field of Compliance, in high-level IT services, in training.

It has also assumed official capacity in issuing IAF certifications of specialized ISO certifications in the sector for the Swiss, Italian, and German markets included. Show the related professional qualifications directly on the page reference "Professional qualifications."


Our Identity


Bring culture and results by leading our customers in continuous search for the best market positioning for its lasting success recognized over time.


We want to be the Leader Partner of our Customers for their peace of mind and continuous growth. We are always there even when things do not go well because that is where we distinguish ourselves.

Our Group

Our presence in favor of the Customer, unlike our competitors, is 360 degrees and in all areas.

Mainly we have four business units with four specific skills ideal for growing your business thanks to the necessary know-how (methods, supports, and resources) all concentrated with us.

Law Expertise

Never before in the third millennium, despite the opportunities provided by technology, the individual feels alone: a simple number among billions of other numbers.

That's why FAC Consulting and its high-level Italian and Swiss legal partners represent an absolute innovation in the world of professional assistance to individuals and companies.


We do not like to 'upset' companies, but we help them understand where there are advantages. We often start from an E-Commerce start-up, even for small businesses, but we are also ready for essential dimensions.


Many companies have entrusted us with some of their admirable processes (payroll, invoicing, accounting) and mandatory services, especially in certifications or legal obligations. For example, maintaining an Internal Audit service requires many mandatory costs in continuous training, and also effectiveness using an internal employee is sometimes not always the ideal solution.


We accompany companies in ISO/IEF certification programs by guaranteeing them the final certificate or simply understanding the benefits of their implementation, including the financial return resulting from the resulting competitive advantage.