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Our Expertise

FabioAglianiConsulting is a group of recognized skills responsible for achieving your business objectives and immediately generating an effective and measurable economic benefit. 

At a single company, you will find all the services you need starting from the Legal part of Compliance, the corporate reorganization with financial return guaranteed by us, the Digitalization that already wants you ready from today.

Taking you to ISO Compliance Certification, including official IAF accreditation, is our specialty acquired in Swiss and Italian companies decades of experience.

Ing. Fabio Agliani - Group CEO 


Lugano, 16th May 2021

  • Administration of human resources (e.g., payroll and reporting)
  • We resume all or part of your administrative processes (e.g., Internal Audit)
  • Accounting, administrative and organizational advice (including accounting; annual and interim closure; balance sheet analysis)

We do not destroy the way you work that is already successful, but with your involvement, we take care of its transformation without impact for you.

  • We generate your website and its E-Commerce business to generate up sales quickly and securely
  • We perform analysis of your IT infrastructure in relation to the best world regulations (ISO and NISP)
  • We are experts in Artificial Intelligence, and we can evaluate in a few moments your business impact concerning the obligations of law and process automation (e.g., GDPR and LPD impact).

Company numbers

The number of Coffees that our team of experts uses in the company during a year always guarantees new solutions to help companies manage their growth.

Several hours worked into customer visits in the last period (before the pandemic). Now we do more using the WEB connections.

80+ Certified company;  250+ Clients managed
80+ Certified company; 250+ Clients managed

A representative number of companies have been CERTIFIED IAF ISO by us. Consequently have increased their profits measured on the value of the company EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization).

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